• Friday Find: Morphy Richards steam iron

    by  • July 25, 2014 • 2 Comments

    Breeze Ceramic Black Steam Iron | Morphy Richards | Girl About TechWhat is it? Breeze Ceramic Black steam iron, £29.99, Morphy Richards
    Why I love it: When you’re writing about smartwatches and Wi-Fi washing machines and the like, it’s hard to get excited about a straightforward steam iron. But then this little black number came along and really grabbed my attention – not because it can do the ironing for you or makes the tea at the same time. Nope, I like it simply because it offers excellent value for money.

    For under £30, you get a quick-starting iron with an easy-glide ceramic sole plate that emits an impressive 45g of constant variable steam. There’s also a powerful 120g steam shot to target creases, auto shut off for safety, and an anti-scale feature and self-clean function to keep maintenance easy. Ooh, and that black finish means business.

    Granted, you’ll find a lot of these features on similarly priced irons, but it’s unlikely you’ll get all of them, particularly not that crease-busting steam power. You’ll be able to buy it from November at the Morphy Richards website.

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    Friday Find: Kitty DAB radio from Roberts

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    What is it? Kitty Revival DAB radio, £200, Clarke & Clarke for Roberts 
    Why I love it: For any cat lovers that felt left out following the launch of Roberts and Clarke & Clarke’s dog-inspired collaboration, there’s now a fine feline version. The limited-edition design features the latest DAB technology for crisper and clearer listening, as well as good old FM tuning, and can be powered by the mains or four D batteries, should you fancy taking it out on the prowl.

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    Friday Find: Rob Ryan radio

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    Evoke D2 DAB radio by Rob Ryan | PURE | GIRL ABOUT TECH

    What is it? Evoke D2 DAB radio and Bluetooth speaker, £119.99, Pure
    Why I love it: Rob Ryan’s delicate papercut illustrations have been seen on everything from cups to cushions, but never on a piece of tech… until now. His illustrated story, Listen to the World, adorns both sides of this whimsical wireless and is all about a musical journey, which you can soundtrack using the D2′s DAB/FM radio or by streaming music to its speaker via Bluetooth.

    I caught up with Rob at the launch this week, and I found him to be as charming and inspiring as his work. He explained to me that he’s always excited to apply his designs to different mediums, but that a radio holds a special place in his heart because it ‘reminds him of summer days as a young man, listening to 10CC while laying in a field with the sun on his face.’

    Listen to the World is adapted from a piece of prose Rob wrote in one of the notebooks he’s compiled over the years, capturing his thoughts, feelings, doodles and daydreams. The illustration of a man on one side and a woman on the other symbolises the romance of radio and the fact ‘a man can be at one side of the world and a woman on the other, yet both are falling in love with the same piece of music, or have the same voices to keep them company’.

    The radio is available now exclusively at John Lewis and Rob’s shop, Ryantown, which is well worth a visit if you’re in the vicinity of London’s Columbia Road. As a shopping experience, it’s as fabulous as Mr Ryan!

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    Friday Find: La Cornue’s colourful range cookers

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    1908 90cm range cooker | La Cornue | Girl About Tech

    What is it? 1908 90cm range cooker, £6,700, La Cornue
    Why I love it: The 1908 is everything you could want from a range cooker. It’s sturdy, stylish, small enough to fit into an urban kitchen like mine… and now it comes in three luscious, Mondrian-inspired enamel finishes – red, blue and this sunny yellow. There are five burners on top, and your choice of a gas or electric version of the famous vaulted oven that circulates the hot air to retain natural moisture.

    For something a little less conspicuous, check our Rangemaster’s sultry new Nexus range cookers.

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    Sneaky Peek: AEG’s small appliances

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    I’m not very good at eating breakfast. Occasionally, I’ll try to wean myself back into the habit by making an ever-so-slightly-sloppy Eggs Benedict, or a bowl of Ready Brek with extra lumps. Jamie Oliver I am not.


    Anyway, it seems AEG have cottoned on to the importance of this whole breakfast thing, too, if the launch of its very first set of ‘breakfasty’ small appliances is anything to go by. It’s kicking off with an awesome foursome of a coffee maker, kettle, blender and this handsome two-slice toaster, all packed with the smart features you’d expect from a premium brand.

    What is it? 7 Series two-slice toaster, £69.99, AEG
    Why I love it: If – unlike me – you’re particularly militant about breakfast, you’ll like the DigitalVision timer that counts down the time left until your slice of toast pops out. Also, because as with any toaster, the element gets hotter the more slices of bread you toast, this smart timer automatically reduces the toasting time slightly with each progressive round, so you won’t get a barely browned batch followed by burnt bread the next.

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    Friday Find: AEG’s new UltraOne vacuum cleaners

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    What is it? UltraOne vacuum cleaners, from £239, AEG
    Why I love them: Did you know that 3% of Brits vacuum naked or in their underwear?* OK, so perhaps you’d rather not have known… and let me quickly point out that I’m not one of them. I prefer to wear a dress with a full skirt, so that I can do a bit of twirling as I’m cleaning. And I think I may have found my perfect dance partner in the new UltraOne range from AEG.

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    Sneaky Peek: LG G3 smartphone

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    G3 SMARTPHONE | LG | GIRL ABOUT TECHWhat is it? G3 smartphone, £TBC (launches in July), LG
    Why I love it: With smartphone launches now as frequent as Kardashian relationship dramas, it’s becoming increasingly tricky for manufacturers to convince us that their phone is the one to buy. So has LG cracked it with the new G3? Well, it’s had a darn good stab, inspired by the mantra ‘simple is the new smart’.

    The 5.5inch ‘Quad HD’ screen is incredibly sharp – the sharpest on any phone ever released, in fact –  and doesn’t feel as big in the hand as you might expect due to its curved back and super-slim bezel – there are no buttons on the side, so the peeps at LG have been able to make it as narrow as possible.

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    Bride About Tech!

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    You may have noticed it’s been quiet on the site of late, but I’ve been a bit preoccupied!


    Many thanks to the fabulous Ideal Home team for commissioning this wonderful illustration as wedding present. Normal service should now resume…

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    Friday Find: Tefal Infiny Press Revolution slow juicer

    by  • May 23, 2014 • 1 Comment

    INFINY PRESS REVOLUTION | TEFAL | GIRL ABOUT TECHWhat is it? Infiny Press Revolution, £199, Tefal
    Why I love it: A slow juicer like this good-looking machine produces just about the healthiest drinks around. That’s because regular models blitz fruit and veg using a powerful motor, producing heat that burns off nutrients, whereas a slow juicer will simply cold press it for 35% more juice with 30% more vitamin C and 75% more antioxidants.

    The Infiny comes with two filters – one for juices and smoothies and one for coulis and sauces – and the bits you’ll need to clean are all dishwasher friendly. It even comes with a little brush that you can use to clean out stubborn fibres from the mesh.

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    Friday Find: Nexus range cooker from Rangemaster

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    What is it? Nexus 110cm dual-fuel range cooker, prices start from £1,995 (for 90cm version), Rangemaster
    Why I love it: Not only is this the most modern-looking cooker that Rangemaster have ever produced, it’s also the best for budding bakers. That’s thanks to its unique proving drawer to the bottom right. Operated by a simple on/off switch, it provides  a controlled, warm environment, with slots in the base that allow warm air to flow in and prove dough perfectly – whether it’s for bagels, pizzas or gluten-free breads.

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    Celeb About Tech: Kelly Hoppen

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    A couple of weeks ago, I scaled the heady heights of the City’s famous Gherkin to check out Samsung’s new U9000 Curved UHD TV. And who should I find at the top but Kelly Hoppen, who was kind enough to partake in a quick Celeb About tech interview…

    KELLY HOPPEN | CELEB ABOUT TECH | GIRL ABOUT TECHGirl About Tech: Kelly, what do you make of Samsung’s curved TV?
    Kelly Hoppen: I’ve never seen anything like it; I didn’t expect to be that impressed, but when I experienced it, I was blown away by the purity and definition of the screen.

    GAT: What advice would you give to anyone trying to incorporate a big TV into their interior scheme?
    KH: Don’t try to hide it! I believe that if you put a television in a room, it immediately becomes friendlier. People gravitate towards the place where the TV is placed since it’s such a big feature in most of our lives, and it is a fact that a room with a television in it will be used far more than a room without one. I love watching movies and TV, so it’s no surprise that I love seeing the television screen fully on show.

    GAT: Are you a keen cook?
    KH: I didn’t use to be, but I cook more so now than before… it helps that I’ve got some great appliances to make it easier. I love my fridge – it’s spacious and the numerous storage drawers help me to be organised. I like to have a very tidy fridge so I can see everything in it, so food doesn’t get lost at the back and wasted. For drinks, I couldn’t live without my built-in hot water tap and Nespresso coffee machine. I also love using my Vitamix to make smoothies, soups and sauces.

    GAT: As an interior designer, you’re obviously a very visual person. Do you take a lot of photographs?
    KH: Yes. I have a Samsung camera – and of course my phone, which I use a lot for pictures. I also just got a Gear 2 smartwatch, which is just brilliant and handy for taking quick snaps, and I have an iPad, which I use for photos, too!

    GAT: How do you relax?
    KH: I love listening to music so it’s important to me to have the right equipment. At home I have a Sonos system and am planning to get myself an LP player, and when I’m on the move I listen to music on my phone. My stepdaughter gave me a pair of BEATS by Dre headphones, which are brilliant when I want to shut out other noise and focus on my music.

    GAT: What’s the one piece of tech that you wouldn’t be without?
    KH: My running machine. I use it almost every day, and couldn’t live without it!

    GAT: Do you have any favourite apps?
    KH: Instagram and Twitter. I love social networking, especially on Twitter.

    And now for the quick-fire round
    Induction or gas? KH: Gas
    Microwave or steam oven? KH: Steam
    LPs or MP3s? KH: LPs
    Mac or PC? KH: Mac
    Cloud storage or zip drive? KH: Cloud
    Twitter or Facebook? KH: Twitter [You can follow Kelly @IMKellyHoppen]

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    5 of the Best: Robot vacuum cleaners

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    Clearly unconcerned that they may eventually rise up and take over the world, the people of Western Europe are coming around to the idea of robot vacuum cleaners. According to the boffins at this year’s IFA Global Press Conference,  the robots’ share of the vacuum cleaner market has grown to 8% since 2011, and is still on the up.

    In case you’ve not come across one before, a robot vacuum is a battery-powered unit that uses special cameras to map the room, then cleans it systematically. When it runs out of juice, it will return to its charging base automatically for a top up, then goes back to where it left off and resumes the job. It also has sensors and bumpers so it shouldn’t collide with your furniture – although some of the blighters are more careful than other.

    So which models should you trust to clean your dusty domain? I’ve picked a few of my favourites…


    What is it? Scout RX1, £TBC (available next month), Miele
    Girl About Tech says: Rather than zig-zagging the room at random in search of dirt and crumbs – and taking out anything that happens to cross its path – the Scout covers the area to be cleaned in orderly parallel tracks. It has a delay start so you can set it to clean when you’re not at home, and four vacuuming modes, including Corner mode, which vacuums the whole space once, then returns to give the edges another going over.
    Capacity 0.6ltrs Battery life Approx 120 minutes

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